Ana Luengo Añón

Landscape architect -PhD on Landscape Techniques and Aesthetics-, President of the International Federation of Landscape Architects-EUROPE, Vice-President of the International Federation of Landscape Architects, member of the National Committee of the Spanish ICOMOS and of the ICOMOS-IFLA Committee on Cultural Landscapes and Historic Gardens, as well as of many other organisations.

She is both a lecturer and course director at various universities in Spain and European countries, as well as the funding member of CITEREA, a landscape practice specialised in landscape architecture and environmental design, with award winning projects in Spain as well as in other countries (Belgium, France, Italy, etc).  She is also author of many research projects, articles and books, both in Spanish, French, English and Italian.

Coro Millares Escobio

Agricultural engineer with a landscape design master by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Member of Asociación Española de Paisajistas, AEP, International Federation of Landscape Architects in Europe (IFLA EUROPE) and International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) since the year 2000.

Founding partner of the landscape design firm CITEREA, where she has developed both private and public landscaping projects as well as new plan and restoration projects. With an ample experience in educational and research fields, excelling in botanic, historic plantations and their representation in art. She is author and coordinator of several publications.